Art & Soul of the Magic Valley is open to any artist, in any location around the world, with any type of artwork. To enter the competition, click the “registration application” link and complete the online application. You will then continue to check out online with a check or credit card. At time of application, you are required to submit an artist statement and a .jpeg photo of your work for publication in our materials.

In order to be officially entered into the Art & Soul contest, all artists must have a sponsor and a venue (see venue section below). A sponsor acts as an advocate for their artist. The sponsor pays an entry fee on behalf of their chosen artist to help offset the cost of the artist’s entry fee. Without the funds from the sponsor, the artist entry fee would be prohibitive for many artists. Thus, having sponsors helps keep entry fees reasonable for all artists and is a great way to involve people in the arts appreciation event. Anyone can be a sponsor for an artist. Many participants will ask family members, friends, employers, or even businesses they frequent to be their sponsor. In our experience, people enjoy serving as sponsors and appreciate the opportunity.

Sponsors have the satisfaction of knowing that they are part of a long-standing, well respected event that benefits not only artists and businesses, but the community as a whole. Sponsors are recognized on our official website, next to the artists’ work while on display, and printed in our annual Limited-Edition Souvenir Program. At times there will also be segments on TV and radio and in the newspaper that may feature sponsorship information.

Anyone can be a sponsor for an artist. Many participants will ask family members, friends, employers, or even businesses they frequent to be their sponsor. In our experience, people enjoy serving as sponsors and appreciate the opportunity. We encourage every artist to identify someone that would be willing to serve as their sponsor. If an artist is having difficulty finding a sponsor, the Art & Soul staff is always willing to help. Many times, we have people that serve as sponsors for artists who haven’t been able to identify their own. We don’t want to discourage artists from applying because they don’t have a sponsor.

A venue is a local business that serves as a gallery to display artists’ work during Art & Soul of the Magic Valley. Art is accessible for viewing at the various venues from 10 am – 6 pm Monday through Saturday. Most venues are closed on Sunday and don’t have official viewing hours. Some art may be visible outside or from windows during off hours.

Local artists are encouraged to identify a business in town that they feel will be able to display their art in an appropriate and professional manner. Many times, artists seek out businesses that may have similar qualities as that of their artwork. The process of matching an artist with a venue ideally functions when the artist and the venue have a partnership and work together in the process.
Out of town artists unfamiliar with local businesses will be assisted by Art & Soul Committee members in securing a venue.

There are many hundreds of locals and visitors alike that come to Twin Falls during Art & Soul to participate in this amazing community event. These patrons come through the doors of participating businesses to view the art. There is no better way to spend your advertising dollars than in participating in Art & Soul as a venue. You are guaranteed to have people visit your business during this event and beyond, whereas with other media advertising your materials may not get noticed and may not actually bring people through your doors. Venue information is printed in our annual souvenir program and listed on our website. At times there will also be segments on TV and radio and in the newspaper that may feature venue information. Advertising in our annual souvenir program is included as part of your venue fee. We have many levels of participation that are available including naming of prizes, hosting events including the opening night Kick-Off Celebration or Awards Ceremony, use of the Sligar Auditorium at the Twin Falls Center for the Arts, and Magic Valley Arts Council memberships for your employees, to name just a few. Please let us know how you would like us to support you!

Youth artwork is to be delivered to the Mall. Date and timeframe will be shared after a student registers for the Youth Contest. Please call the Magic Valley Arts Council at 208-743-ARTS(2787) for further questions regarding the youth competition.

The Limited-Edition Souvenir Program has all the current contest artists, venues, and sponsors and can be purchased from the Magic Valley Arts Council. The yellow “walking sheets” which also serve as voting sheets, available at any participating venue (marked by the yellow Art & Soul flag), will also have a list. All the businesses featuring artists are also shown on the website under the Venues tab.

To vote you must be 16 years of age or older with valid photo identification. No exceptions will be made. You must register in person between June 25 – July 10, 2021 at voting headquarters: Twin Falls Center for the Arts, 195 River Vista Place Twin Falls, ID. You will receive your individual Elector ID and Password, then go to: https://magicvalleyhasart.simplyvoting.com/ and follow online instructions.
Voting headquarters is open for registration & voting beginning on Friday, June 25, 2021 through Saturday, July 10, 2021. Voting Hours are Mondays through Saturdays, 10 am to 6 pm, closed on Sundays. Final Day: Saturday, July 10, 2021, voting registration closes at 6pm however, you may continue to submit votes electronically through midnight, provided you have a registration number. In the general competition it is required that you vote for your top nineteen (19) choices. There are nineteen categories of artwork and you may vote for one in each category if desired.
In the Youth Competition, you must vote for your 4 top choices in each division you wish to vote. Divisions are: Elementary K-2 (grades K-2), Elementary 3-5 (grades 3-5), Middle School (grades 6-8), and High School (grades 9-12). You may vote in all four Youth Divisions, casting a total of 16 votes, or just one division, casting four votes.

Your ballot will not be counted as valid unless it is complete. There will be many volunteers present at the voting center to help you enter your votes online if you wish. Voting may be completed on any computer/tablet/phone with an internet connection. Once you submit a ballot, the results are encrypted and stored in a database. Your Elector ID is then flagged as “voted” and will not be eligible to vote on this ballot again. Simply Voting was designed from the ground-up to eliminate the risk of electoral fraud. Voters who bypass authentication or have already voted are denied access to the ballot, and ballots are checked for validity before being accepted.

Each time a participant logs onto the system the entry and venue numbers are scrambled into a random order. The purpose of this is to avoid the first few artists or venues from receiving all the votes. To search through the entries, type “Command F” for Mac users or “Control F” for PC users. This will bring up a search box where you will be able to type in an artist or venue name.

Winners are determined by number of public votes received. The Grand Prize winner has received the most votes overall, the second-place winner has received the second most votes, and so on. The Grand Prize through fourth place winners are not eligible to win a Best in Show award. After the first through fourth place awards are given, then the most votes in each category will receive a Best in Show award. It does not matter how you rank your votes as winners are determined by number of overall votes. Youth and venue awards are determined in the same manner. Professionally Judged awards are determined by our panel of judges. There is ana additional fee of $50 to enter the Professionally Judged Competition.

Art & Soul participants that visit and record each and every venue number are eligible to enter a drawing for a prize at the end of the show. This is an optional activity and not required for voting. You need to turn in your completed voting sheet to the volunteers at Voting Headquarters if you would like to participate in the drawing.

There are 19 categories available from which artists can choose to enter when they register (see list of categories on the main screen). We like participants to have the option to vote for their favorites in each category, so we give 19 votes. You may choose to vote for one artist in each of the 19 categories, but it is not a requirement. You may vote however you wish.

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