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11-116 Maria Donnelly - Shoshone, ID

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11-116 Maria Donnelly - Shoshone, ID
Category – Acrylic
Shoshone Falls 36” x 23” – FOR SALE
Sponsor: Stone House & Co./Catering by Karen – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: The Brass Monkey


11-006 Paula Dodd - Twin Falls, ID

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11-006 Paula Dodd - Twin Falls, ID
Category – Ceramic
MugGlugs - FOR SALE
Sponsor: Phil & Linda Brugger – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Garden of Artists
I like to sling mud, kindly. Actual pottery mud, aka, clay. I learned about wheel thrown pottery in my 50's and have been playing in the mud ever since. I enjoy teaching others the art of slinging mud at Hands On in downtown Twin Falls.
This year I offer a quintuplet of Cone 5/6 Porcelain forms for A&S 2021 called MugGlugs, variously sized and shaped vessels with facial features. All five spout off, two have a handle on life, and all are faced with an emphasis on whimsy. These MugGlugs are a variation on Folk Art Face Jugs and were requested by my sponsor.


11-033 Pat Koleini - Boise, ID

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11-033 Pat Koleini - Boise, ID
Category – Digital
Wild Mustang series – FOR SALE
Sponsor: Times-News/Magic Valley Media
Venue: Rob Green Buick GMC
These composite digital photographs are of wild Mustangs, the horse that is iconic of the American West. It is part of a series based on the Mustangs of Idaho and Nevada.
The Mustang is thriving in the most inhospitable environments to which it has been relegated, symbolizing America's pioneer spirit.
However, it may become extinct unless we learn to value the wild creatures in our own backyards.


11-018 Beverly Chick - Boise, ID

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11-018 Beverly Chick - Boise, ID
Category – Drawing
Big Horn Sheep 12" x 16", framed – FOR SALE
Sponsor: Rex & Cheryl Leforgee – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Great Harvest Bread Co.
I am a colored pencil mixed media artist. I’m skilled in various art mediums; however, colored pencil and Turpenoid is my favorite.
My painting process is unique. It involves combining solvent with colored pencil and then painting with a cotton swab.
I love to create art that communicates the spiritual renewal, beauty, and humor that can be found in the simplicity of animals and nature. I find these things very healing.


11-057 Doris Harvest - Castleford, ID

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11-057 Doris Harvest - Castleford, ID
Category – Fiber
Woven Wool 8 Harness Coverlet Queen sized – FOR SALE
Sponsor: Suzanne McCampbell – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Born in German, Doris learned to spin and weave from her mother, but these primitive skills were of little interest to the adventurous woman. After living in numerous countries and many states in the United States, a thousand bleating sheep stopped Doris in her tracks and implanted her in Idaho, rather than her Montana destination.
While living in Idaho Doris rediscovered skills. She spins, weaves, knits and felts beautiful, fashionable and collectable works of art.


11-180 Sandy Swope - Twin Falls, ID

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11-180 Sandy Swope - Twin Falls, ID
Category – Glass
Victorian Glass 33” x 18”
Sponsor: Times-News/Magic Valley Media
Venue: Rudy’s – A Cook’s Paradise - 147 Main Ave. S.
I have enjoyed beautiful stained-glass art for many years. The first stained glass that made a lasting impression on me was a rendition of the famous picture of Jesus praying in the garden the night before his crucifixion. The natural sunlight coming through the many colors of glass was a breathtaking experience for me.
Some 30 years later I still love admiring the work of other artists and creating my own.
This work showcases the Victorian era with vibrant colors and fluid curves.

Mixed Media

11-003 Betsy Horner Morishita - Twin Falls, ID

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11-003 Betsy Horner Morishita - Twin Falls, ID
Category – Mixed Media
Maisie's Whale 18” x 24” – FOR SALE
Sponsor: Charlie & Melody Lenkner - Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Wabi Sabi Gallery
My mixed media painting is inspired by the interconnectedness of living things. This piece was motivated by the birth of my granddaughter.
I use black cotton, as my canvas. I like the contrast it creates with acrylic paint and various materials to tell my story.


11-192 Lydia Hernandez - Boise, ID

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11-192 Lydia Hernandez - Boise, ID
Category – Mural
Amor Propio
Sponsor: Five Fish Press – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Float Magic
Amor Propio in English translates to self-love. The concept of this piece was created during reflections of how one self-loves and practices self-preservation. It focuses on the importance of prioritizing yourself and finding ways to nourish yourself. It asks how one can continue to find healing in their daily lives, through the food that we make, the music we listen to, to how we romanticize ourselves.
We all deserve to feel loved.


11-002 Jean Hanson - Buhl, ID

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11-002 Jean Hanson - Buhl, ID
Category – Oil
Smoky Morning on the Snake 3’ x 2’ – FOR SALE
Sponsor: David & Carolyn Erickson – Buhl, ID
Venue: Wills Toyota
Jean has been painting since 2007. Her main focus is Plein air, or painting outside, in oil.
Her entry was first done on the Snake River near her home. The sky was smoky due to all the fires last September. She redid her painting from her studio and the result is her entry.

Original Art Quilt

11-062 Carmen Sidlaruk - Twin Falls, ID

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11-062 Carmen Sidlaruk - Twin Falls, ID
Category – Original Art Quilt
Sunset Garden 61"x 52"
Sponsor: Connie Herbert, Cherbert’s Imagery
Venue: Twin Falls Sewing Center
This original multimedia art quilt was inspired by techniques learned from Claudia Pfeil of Germany during the 2020 Pandemic.
The quilt background was made using improvisational piecing techniques. Materials used include batik fabric, organza, Angelina Fibers, cotton/polyester and wool battings, decorative thread, fabric origami and yo-yo, and hundreds of Swarovski Crystals.
I quilted it on a longarm quilting machine using hand-guided free-motion techniques.


11-001 Ron Hicks - Twin Falls, ID

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11-001 Ron Hicks - Twin Falls, ID
Category – Pastel
Sponsor: Mike & Judy Youngman – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Main Street Plaza


11-101 Corey Sievers - Twin Falls, ID

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11-101 Corey Sievers - Twin Falls, ID
Category – Photography
Untitled 20” x 24” – FOR SALE
Sponsor: Jim & Carla Harris - Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Wabi Sabi Gallery
Corey Sievers is an American digital and film photographer born in Twin Falls, Idaho. Having spent his formative years back and forth between the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest, he now resides in Lawrence, KS. He works a day job as a professional custom framer.


11-024 Angela Batchelor – Twin Falls, ID

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11-024 Angela Batchelor – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Printmaking
Lucy Dog 8” x 10” – FOR SALE
Sponsors: Mary Ann Gilmore – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Lithia Dodge
Lucy was our beloved family dog. When we learned that she had a disease that would shorten her life, we were heartbroken.
I made this print using the color reduction woodcut process to memorialize her. She always had a special spot on top of the sofa and would perk up when we came in the house.


11-014 Cynthia England - Dickinson, TX

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11-014 Cynthia England - Dickinson, TX
Category – Quilt
Trick or Treat 62” x 62”
Sponsor: Times-News/Magic Valley Media
Venue: Premier Auto
Sue Garman made this pattern in 1996. I always loved it and decided to make my version during Covid. I changed the colors and added an additional nine original characters. Some are Halloween costumes that my family had over the years. Hand appliqued.

Sculpture 3 ft. and under

11-028 David LaMure, Jr. - Kimberly, ID

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11-028 David LaMure, Jr. - Kimberly, ID
Category – Sculpture, 3ft & Under
Becoming the Moose 32" H x 14 3/8" W – FOR SALE
Sponsor: Curtis & Mardo Eaton – Garden City, ID
Venue: Bull Moose Bicycles
I have loved working with clay since I was 12 years old. It started with my Uncle Tom bringing home a bag of clay and we went to work sculpting a wise owl.
My tethers to inspiration come from being a wilderness river guide and an avid outdoorsman. I resonate with how mysterious, revealing and diverse nature is while stumbling around in the outdoors of Idaho. This gives me courage to explore in my art and narratives of the natural rhythms in life, death and belonging, leaving a collectible trail of art with stories.

Sculpture over 3 ft.

11-039 Michael Lewis - Emmett, ID

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11-039 Michael Lewis - Emmett, ID
Category – Sculpture, Over 3ft
Texas Longhorn #1 5’ x 8’ x 6.5’ – FOR SALE
Sponsor: Bob & Linda Sojka – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: KMVT
When I was a young boy, I dreamed of ranching and rodeoing. As a teenager the dream became reality. I rodeoed, riding bulls and bucking broncs, both saddle and bareback. I also worked on ranches and drew cowboys riding bulls and bucking horses every chance I could. I enrolled in Fort Lewis College in Durango,CO in Farm and Ranch Management and after taking several art classes, I changed my major to Fine Arts. I graduated with a BFA from the University of Texas in Austin and then pursued an MFA from the Maryland Institute
College of Art. I returned to Texas and began teaching art at the college level and in public schools for over twenty years. While teaching, I began building a body of work, both paintings and sculpture, that combined my interest in ranching and the relationship between man and nature in the American West. I often use images of cattle in various mediums to illustrate that balance. I also use other animal images to address a growing concern for the natural world and its declining wildlife populations due to the ever-expanding human population.


11-043 Connie Pepper - Twin Falls, ID

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11-043 Connie Pepper - Twin Falls, ID
Category – Watermedia
Poppies 27” x 38” framed – FOR SALE
Sponsor: Al & Fran Frost – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Middlekauff Ford
Ink, watercolor, and orange poppies growing outside my studio brought an image to mind and made my painting of poppies come to life. My hope is that it resonates with smiles.


11-053 Tannya Cluff - Boise, ID

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11-053 Tannya Cluff - Boise, ID
Category – Wearable
Pause...and Rewind Mannequin- 6x2 ft – FOR SALE
Sponsor: Mike & Jan McBride - Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Colliers International
As an artist, I strive to create clothing that is unique, fun, and tells a story. The pandemic brought about an epiphany in how I view art and the piece I created. I started thinking about sustainability and self-reliance.
I wanted to create an upscale piece of fashion utilizing recycled and repurposed materials. The result, a dramatic and striking corset and skirt constructed out of VHS tape, scraps of metal, and washers. A reminder to “pause…and rewind.”


11-170 Jill Kyong - Moscow, ID

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11-170 Jill Kyong - Moscow, ID
Category – Woodwork
2020 4-Letter Word: LOVE 24 in H x 24 in W x 2.5 in D
Sponsor: Hilber & Pam Nelson – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Ward Orthodontics
2020 was quite a year for everyone. It put us all in new situations, feeling new things and expressing new thoughts. This piece, speaking in a subtle way, uses Morse Code to spell the word LOVE.
It’s a reminder that when we are frustrated and angry, LOVE is a powerful four-letter word. NOTES: The stones are arranged as dots and dashes and spells LOVE using Morse Code.
Materials: Poplar, with wood stones carved from Poplar, milk paint, latex paint, Osmo Poly-x

Youth Division Kindergarten-2nd Grade

K210 - Benson Bacon

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Youth Division Elementary 3rd-5th Grade

E117 - Andrew Bacon

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Youth Division Middle School 6th-8th Grade

MS15 - Audrey Fluckiger

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Youth Division High School

HS08 - Drake Parnell

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Each catagory with at least 10 entries will award a $1000 Best of Show Award.

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