Art & Soul Winners
The Magic Valley Arts Council is delighted to announce the winners of the 11th Annual Art & Soul of the Magic Valley. Part of the Art in the Park festivities, the Art & Soul Awards Ceremony was Friday, July 23 in Twin Falls City Park. The 11th anniversary saw the third largest number of participants in the main contest with 199 entries, and 91 children registered in the Youth Contest. Last year there were 201 entries in the main contest, and in 2019 there were 202 entries in the main contest All artwork was showcased in 97 venue locations throughout Twin Falls, ID. Art & Soul of the Magic Valley is a city-wide art contest and arts appreciation event awarded $40,000 in prize money. Major Supporters of this year’s contest are Times-News, Pioneer Federal Credit Union, Magic Valley Mall, Premier Autogroup, Colliers International, College of Southern Idaho Foundation, Idaho Central Credit Union, Middlekauff Auto Mall, Art Guild of the Magic Valley, Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Twin Falls and Five Fish Press.

 Youth Category Winners

Pioneer Federal Credit Union and the Magic Valley Mall sponsored the 8th Annual Youth Category. All student-entries were showcased at the Magic Valley Mall. Chosen by public vote, the winners are:  

Elementary Grades K-2 Division – Honorable Mention and recipient of $25: Quinn McKee, Xavier Charter School; 3RD Place winner and recipient of $50: Loinel Sojka, Morningside Elementary School; 2ND Place winner and recipient of $75: Quincy Godfrey, Homeschool; and 1ST Place winner and recipient of $100: Evelyn Fluckiger, Homeschool. 

Elementary Grades 3-5 Division – Honorable Mention and recipient of $25: Daniel Fluckiger, Homeschool; 3RD Place winner and recipient of $50: Dakota Bennett, Harrison Elementary School; 2ND Place winner and recipient of $100: Scout Heatwole, Stricker Elementary School; and 1ST Place winner and recipient of $200: Brody Higley, Popplewell Elementary School 

Middle School Division – Honorable Mention and recipient of $25: Cameron Hilverda, Xavier Charter School; 3RD Place winner and recipient of $75: Nolan Godfrey, Homeschool; 2ND Place winner and recipient of $150: Mylee Reid, Kimberly Middle School; and 1ST Place winner and recipient of $300: Bailey Robison, Kimberly Middle School.

High School Division – Honorable Mention and recipient of $25: Eliza Lee, Homeschool; 3RD Place winner and recipient of $75: Vanessa Pires, Wendell High School; 2ND Place winner and recipient of $150: Hannah Aguirre, Twin Falls High School; and tied for 1ST Place winner and recipients of $300: Reece Garey, Kimberly High School and Gage Carter, Kimberly High School.  


Artists entered in the main contest were invited to enter the Professionally Judged Competition. The judge was Stephanie Werntz. Stephanie currently runs two Art in Medicine programs in Boise, Idaho. One is hospital based at Saint Alphonsus Hospital, and the other is community based at the Treasure Valley YMCA, for people living with cancer or neurological disorders. Both programs are patterned after The Creative Center at University Settlement in New York City, and embrace their philosophy of, “Medicine cures the body, but ART heals the spirit!” Her workshops include any medium she can make work, including painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, fiber arts, jewelry making, glass fusing, etc.   

In the Professionally Judged Two-Dimensional Category, recognized with the Honorable Mention award: Hailey, ID artist Christopher Brown for his 4’ x 5’ drawing entry titled As Winter Fades. The award for 1st Place in the Two-Dimensional Division and $1,000 was given to Boise, ID artist Marne Elmore, for her 42” x 100” printmaking entry titled Sturgeon. 

In the Three-Dimensional Category, the judges recognized two entries with the Honorable Mention award the judges recognized Twin Falls, ID artist Jim Woods for his 18” x 9” ceramic entry titled Salmon Frenzy. The award for 1st Place in the Three-Dimensional Division and $1,000 was given to Boise, Idaho artist Michael Cordell for his 10’ x 20’ untitled sculpture. 

New categories added to the 11th annual Art & Soul of the Magic Valley were Original Art Quilt, Pastel and Mural. The contest rules accommodate for low entry in categories. The rules stipulate that a $1,000 prize would be awarded if ten or more artists entered that category. Categories with at least five entries were awarded $500. Nine of the 18 categories fell below the 10-entry requirement to receive $1,000. Those nine category winners will receive $500. The category Sculpture, 3ft and under did not have the minimum number of entries to receive a prize.  

Winners in each category are

ACRYLIC: Honorable Mention was awarded to Selena Garcia, Bliss, ID; and recipient of $1,000 for BEST IN SHOW – ACRYLIC – Rick Kuhn, Twin Falls, ID. 

CERAMIC: Honorable Mention was awarded to Mayumi Kiefer, Twin Falls, ID; and recipient of $1,000 for BEST IN SHOW – CERAMICS – Jim Woods, Twin Falls, ID. 

DIGITAL: Honorable Mention was awarded to Cindy Churchman, Jerome, ID; and recipient of $1,000 for BEST IN SHOW – DIGITAL – Ron Yates, Twin Falls, ID. 

DRAWING: Honorable Mention was awarded to Judy VanDellen, Twin Falls, ID; and recipient of $500 for BEST IN SHOW – DRAWING – Kathy Lily Field, Buhl, ID. 

FIBER: Honorable Mention was awarded to Trisha Chubbs, Twin Falls, ID; and recipient of $500 for BEST IN SHOW – FIBER – Roseanne Anderson, Cheney, WA. 

GLASS: Honorable Mention was awarded to Sandy Swope, Twin Falls; and recipient of $500 for BEST IN SHOW – GLASS – Shahab Fakhr, Twin Falls, ID. 

MIXED MEDIA: Honorable Mention was awarded to Shena Bingham, Buhl, ID; and recipient of $1,000 for BEST IN SHOW – MIXED MEDIA – Connie Wood, Hagerman, ID. 

MURAL: Honorable Mention was awarded to Lydia Hernandez, Boise, ID; and recipient of $500 for BEST IN SHOW – MURAL – Jason Hicks, Twin Falls, ID. 

ORIGINAL ART QUILT: Honorable Mention was awarded to Julie Stadtherr, Twin Falls, ID; and recipient of $500 for BEST IN SHOW – ORIGINAL ART QUILT – Carmen Sidlaruk, Twin Falls, ID. 

OIL: Honorable Mention was awarded to Leon Smith, Twin Falls, ID; and recipient of $1,000 for BEST IN SHOW – OIL – Virgia West, Mountain Home, ID. 

PASTEL: Honorable Mention was awarded to Ron Hicks, Twin Falls, ID; and recipient of $500 for BEST IN SHOW – PASTEL – Jill Storey, Boise, ID. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Honorable Mention was awarded to Marta Moyle, Heyburn, ID; and recipient of $1,000 for BEST IN SHOW – PHOTOGRAPHY – Jerry Dodds, Twin Falls, ID. 

PRINTMAKING: Honorable Mention was awarded to Angela Batchelor, Twin Falls, ID; and recipient of $1,000 for BEST IN SHOW – PRINTMAKING – Laurel Macdonald, Boise, ID. 

QUILT: Honorable Mention was awarded to Robin Schenk, Twin Falls ID; and recipient of $500 for BEST IN SHOW – QUILT – Cynthia England, Dickinson, TX. 

SCULPTURE, OVER 3 FEET: Honorable Mention was awarded to Michael Cordell, Boise, ID; and recipient of $500 for BEST IN SHOW – SCULPTURE, OVER 3 FEET– Khiyam Zahroun, Twin Falls, ID. 

WATERMEDIA: Honorable Mention was awarded to Leslie Lambert, Twin Falls, ID; and recipient of $1,000 for BEST IN SHOW – WATERMEDIA – Connie Pepper, Twin Falls, ID. 

WEARABLE: Honorable Mention was awarded to Mike Metzler, Twin Falls, ID; and recipient of $500 for BEST IN SHOW – WEARABLE – Paula Brown Sinclair, Twin Falls, ID. 

WOODWORK: Honorable Mention was awarded to Robert Jackman, Filer, ID; and recipient of $1,000 for BEST IN SHOW – WOODWORK – Rickey Highland, Twin Falls, ID. 

People’s Choice Venue Award for Venue

From the 97 Venue locations, the public voted for their two favorite Venues. The People’s Choice Venue Award for Venue – 2 or Fewer Artists was St. Vincent de Paul. The award for People’s Choice Venue – 3 or More Artists was Premier Autogroup, who showcased 22 artists. 

There was a tie for the Art & Soul 4th Place award. Winners and recipients of $750 each – Christopher Brown, Hailey, ID, who was sponsored by Jason and Nikki Halverson and showcased at Middlekauff Ford; and Jeffro Uitto, from Tokeland, WA and was sponsored by Kim and Buck Syth. His 75” x 46” sculpture entry is titled Saddle Seat Bust. His venue was Webb Landscape. 

Sponsored by Fran and Al Frost, the Art & Soul 3rd Place winner and recipient of $3,000 – Kay Taylor Affleck, from Paul, ID, for her 23” x 31” pastel entry titled Molly. Her venue was Premier Autogroup. 

Sponsored by Mason Taylor Art, the Art & Soul 2nd Place winner and recipient of $6,000 is Mason Taylor, from Kimberly, ID, for his 4’ x 8’ sculpture title Leo. His venue was Koto Brewing Co. 


The 11th Annual Art & Soul of the Magic Valley Grand Prize winner and recipient of $12,000 is Twin Falls, ID artist Floyd Drown, for his 18” x 36” oil painting entry titled Misty Crossing. His sponsor was Judy and Mike Youngman and his was Premier Autogroup. 

About Art & Soul
Located in Twin Falls, Idaho, Art & Soul of the Magic Valley is a transformative experience for artists and visitors alike. At its core, Art & Soul is about building relationships through arts appreciation. The Magic Valley Arts Council strives to make this large-scale arts appreciation event an amazing experience for everyone involved: artists, sponsors, venues, viewers and voters.
Art & Soul Sponsors
Special Thank You to our Supporters

The contribution of Art & Soul of the Magic Valley to our community and to artists from 38 Idaho cities, 11 states and multiple other countries is only possible with financial investment by our supporters. We would like to recognize the businesses, individuals and organizations help make this amazing city-wide arts appreciation event/art contest a reality. You truly are our heroes!

Major Supporter:

Art Guild of the Magic Valley, City of Twin Falls, College of Southern Idaho, Colliers International, Allan & Fran Frost, Art & Bonnie Hoag, Idaho Central Credit Union, Idaho Commission on the Arts, KMVT, Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Twin Falls, Lee Family Broadcasting, Magic Valley Mall, Middlekauff Auto Group, Pioneer Federal Credit Union, Premier Autogroup, Bob & Linda Sojka, and Times-News/Magic Valley Media.

2021 Art & Soul of the Magic Valley Committee Members:

Tireless hours have been spent bringing this event together. We’d like to express a heartfelt thank you to: Art & Bonnie Hoag (Founders), Nikki Halverson (Chairperson), Winnie Christenson, Marcia Penney, Bob & Linda Sojka, Judy VanDellen, and Pegan Venzon-Cook, along with the many volunteers who see the vision of the contest and assist with the numerous tasks. Magic Valley Arts Council staff Melissa Crane & Mel Cortes.

Sponsors and Venues:

4 Roots Juice Bar & Café; Alexander Dental Group CHTD; Altered Purposes; Ann’s Eyewear Boutique; Apricot Home; Arlene’s Bookkeeping; Ashley HomeStore; Ataraxis Accounting & Advisory Services Chtd.; AWOL Adventure Sports; B & B Cattle; Barbara Kunkle; Blaze Pizza; Bob & Linda Sojka; Bob & Marcia Penney; Body Balance Physical Therapy; BSR Equipment; Buck & Kim Syth; Bull Moose Bicycles; C. Loren Butler; Canyon Crest Eye      Physicians; Canyon Floral; Carolyn White; Charlie & Melody Lenkner; Chick-fil-A; City of Twin Falls; Claude Brown’s; Clearwater Dentistry; College of Southern Idaho; Colliers International; Columbia Bank; Connections Credit Union; Connie Herbert, Cherbert’s Imagery; CPR – The Center for Physical Rehabilitation; Crane Family; Crozier Coachworks, Body, Paint and Glass; Crystals EnLight; CSDI Construction, Inc.; CSI Ceramics Classmate; Culture For Change Foundation; Curtis & Mardo Eaton; D.L. Evans Bank; Damiana Uberuaga; Danny & Stephanie Carraher; David & Carolyn Erickson; David LaMure, Jr.; Debbi Burr; Debra Matthews; Dennis & Lisa Burgett;    Dennis Bowyer; Depot Grill; Deseret Book; Di & Dave Strong; Donald & Bonnie Pica; Doug & Shauna Wickham; Drs. Jason & Nikki Halverson; Dunkley Music; Earl Gilmartin; Elevation 486; Fairfield by Marriott Twin Falls; Five Fish Press; Float Magic; Floyd Lilly Company; Fox Floral; Fran & Allan Frost; Frontier Pediatric Partners; Full Steam Espresso; Garden of Artists; GLC Products, Inc.; Great Harvest Bread Co.; Habitat for Humanity ReStore; Hands On; Herrett Center for Arts & Science; Hilber & Pam Nelson; Hillary & Mark Crandall; Hilton Garden Inn; Howa Design, Inc.; Huberta Phipps; Hudson’s Shoes; Hugabug Childcare; Idaho Central Credit Union; Idaho Joe’s; Jakers Bar & Grill; Jane Bennett Munro; Jeff Reinke – Farmer’s Insurance; Jennifer & Matt Keuhn; Jensen Ringmakers & Gallery; Jerry & Linda Auger; Jim & Carla Harris; Joel Cortes – Casa Verde Construction; Josh & Kendra Wilmot – Ardor Custom Designs, LLC; Judi Baxter; Kidd Performance & Dyno/Valley; Kimberly Nurseries; Kiwi Loco; KMVT; Koto Brewing Co.; Kurts Pharmacy; Leonard & Alice Anderson; Lisa Gibson; Lisa Major; Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Twin Falls; Long Legacy Chiropractic; Magic Valley Insurance; Magic Valley Mall; Main St. Plaza; Marge Nessa; Marti Ambrose; Mary Ann Gilmore; Mason Taylor Art; McMillen Group; Middlekauff Auto Group; Mike & Alice Trabert; Mike & Jan McBride; Mike & Judy Youngman; Mike Pepper; Mills Family; Milner’s Gate; Moyle Mink and Tannery; Natalie & Jeremey Powell; Nielson Family Chiropractic; North Canyon Orthopedics; O’Dunkens Draught House; Onyx Medspa and Laser Clinic; OrthoPro of Twin Falls; P A Melnyk; Patrick Storey; Pegan Venzon-Cook; Perrine Man Press; Phil & Linda Brugger; Pioneer Federal Credit Union; Plant Therapy; Premier Autogroup;     Progressive Publishing; Pure Legacy Salon; R. Michael Burr, CPA; Rex & Cheryl Leforgee; Rob Green Buick GMC; Robert Jackman; Robertson & Slette, PLLC; Rock Creek Celebration Center; Rudy’s-A Cook’s Paradise; Rya Levy & Bruce Kaufman; Saks Thrift Ave – Step Forward Ministries, Inc.; Sav Mor Drug; Sawtooth Dental; Scholes Dermatology; Shea McClellin; Tom & Denise Carter; Sips N Sweet Treats; Snipz Salon; Sonnie & Ray Strolberg; Southern Idaho Ophthalmology; St. Vincent de Paul; Steven Kohtz, MD; Stone House & Co./Catering by Karen; Susan & Deck Waters; Susan’s Antiques & Collectibles; Suzanne McCampbell; Sweet T’s Cupcakery; Taylor Farm – Filer, ID; Terrific Marketing LLC; The Beach Tanning Co.; The Brass Monkey; The Orpheum Theater; ToyTown;   Tricia Friedrich; Twin Beans Coffee Co.; Twin Falls City Hall; Twin Falls Sandwich Co.; Twin Falls Sewing Center; Twin Falls Subaru; Twin Falls Volkswagen; Tyler Newton Axia Home Loans; Veronica Xander; Wabi Sabi Gallery; WaFd Bank; Ward Orthodontics; WarmArt Tattoo & BodyPiercing; Webb Landscape; Whiskey Bent Trading Co.; Wills Toyota; and Windsor’s Nursery.

Art & Soul Venues
Check Out All Venues
Art & Soul Artists

Alicia Sage
Amanda Kaye Bielby
Andrea Baird
Angela Batchelor
Angela Bowman
Angela Sherman
Anna & Mia Scholes
Anne Watson Sorensen
Annie Chermak
Ashlynn Rose
Barney Glavin
Beth Suter
Betsy Horner Morishita
Beverly Chick
Blaine Gibby
Bob Sojka
Bonnie Griffith
Brandon Dudley
Breyann Given
Camille Johnson
Carmen Sidlaruk
Cathy Wilson
Celeste Page
Chady Ward
Christopher Brown
Cindy Newbry
Cindy Churchman
Clayton Cammack
Connie Pepper
Connie Wood
Connor Acklin
Corey King
Cory Shaffer
Cynthia England
Daniela Grimm
Danielle Bowcut
Dave LaMure, Jr.
Debra Bonsack
Dennis Mitchell
Derald Burch
Di Strong
Don Mills
Don Pica
Don Mills
Doris Harvest
Ed Krumpe
Edie Martin
Eila Commons
Erica Bren
Erin Pietsch
Floyd Drown
Fran Gruchy
Gary Dempsay
Gwen Moses
Heather Bjornlie
Heather Felps
Hilber Nelson
Hillary Baxter
Isabella Sluder
James Deitrick
Jan Nutter
Jason Hicks
Jason T. Halverson, MD
Jay Gale
Jean E Hanson
Jeff Shriver
Jeffery Rothman

Jeffro Uitto
Jenna Harder
Jennifer Reeves
Jerri Lisk
Jerry K Dodds
Jessica Hendrix
Jessica McGown
Jill Crozier
Jill Storey
Jill Kyong
Jim Nutter
Jim Woods
Joan Spencer
Jody Holloway
Josh Pohlman
Judith Thietten
Judson Cottrell
Judy VanDellen
Julie Miller
Julie Stadtherr
Kain King
Kairee Cardoso
Karen Klinefelter
Karen Belinne
Kathi Cheyenne Jensen
Kathy LilyField
Katie Meek
Kay Taylor Affleck
Kayla R Cuellar
Kayla Jones
Kelly Donovan
Kevin Brown
Kezia Putri
Khiyam Zahroun
Kim Syth
Kristin Gibby
Krystal Pierce
KT Yarbro
Laurel Macdonald
Lauren Short
Leah Scrimpsher
Leon Smith
LeRoy Baxter
Leslie Lambert
Linda Aufderheide
Linda Vargas
Linda Gray
Lindsay Chermak
Lucia de la
Lydia Stevens
Lydia Hernandez
Lynn Crane
Lynn VanHoozen
Maria Donnelly
Mark Daniels
Marne Elmore
Marta Moyle
Mary Arnold
Mary Thompson
Mary Jo Frazier
Mason Taylor
Matthew Hunt
Matthew Blocker
Mayumi Kiefer
Megan Burr
Melissa Larson
Michael Lewis
Michael Cordell

Michael K. Taylor, MD
Mike Metzler
Mimi Ford
Monica D’Angelo
Morgan Vaughn
Neva McGregor
Nickolas Cleveland
Patricia Koleini
Patty Musick
Paula Brown Sinclair
Paula Dodd
Phil McClellinRachael Ridley
Rachel Allison
Reba Wickham
Rebecca Godwin-Potts
Rhonda Schmeltzer
Rick Kuhn
Rickey Highland
Robert Jackman
Robert West
Robert Zemp
Robin Schenk
Ron Yates
Ron Hicks
Rosanne Anderson
Roy Mason
Rynca Essokodimba
Sandra Thomas
Sandy Swope
Savanna Landrum
Scott Neal
Scott Rogers
Sean Cambron
Selena Garci­a
Sera Begay
Shahab Fakhr
Shay Merkle
Shena Bingham
Silas Thompson
Skye Fassett
Stephanie Van Diest
Stephen Aifegha
Steven Buck
Sunny Freeman
Sunny Leavitt Pearl
Suzanne Butler
Tami Aufderheide
Tannya Cluff
Taura Leigh Nelson
Taya Brewer
Thomas Patrick
Thomas Archer
Tim Pryor
Tony Moreno
Trisha Chubbs
Tyler Ready
Tyrell Bourquin
Vance Ottley
Virgia West
Virginia Hutchins
Wendy Blickenstaff
Yong Hui No
Zoey Lynd

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